History repeats itself, I see it and I feel it.  Currently, I feel that our social fabrics are slowly being torn apart and that a great degree of uncertainty is rising. What I see, is that the same issues that once crossed my ancestral thresholds have now crossed over to me and mine.  This instability fuels my necessity to refer to my ancestral past and familial legacy to shape an acceptance of my reality and concerns.


Outright, I am a painter that uses various materials to create work that is reactive to the unpredictability of my reality.  My artistic concerns are mirrored in my work incorporating media such as ink, wax, and paint to create something cohesive while fighting the ambiguity of mixing various mediums together.


In my paintings, as much as it is a way to honor my lineage, it is also a dialogue between the past and present. These converging points, represent my need to find guidance which I feel is found within my roots.  I find that my fortitude, everyone’s fortitude, is found within their own roots and that it’s important that one goes beyond acceptance of a present state especially in the face of adversity.  What I’m communicating in my work is that whichever social, political, and economical unrests may arise, our antecedents teach us the control to tie the loosening ends of our social fabric.

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